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Getng Started Anchor


Rowing is an incredible lifelong sport that you can began at any chapter of your life. We are excited for you to take the steps to discover if rowing is for you! Before we get your oars wet on the water let's discuss the need to know about our club and rowing.


Rowing involves moving your boat through the water with one or two oars. Rowers sit on a sliding seat, facing backwards, and use their whole body as they move through the stroke. Rowing is graceful, gentle, aerobic exercise, until there is another rower beside you, and then it becomes a race!


WRPC supports two types of rowing. Rowing alone in a boat is called “single sculling.” Rowing competitively with teammates in a boat is called “Crew.” WRPC has multiple single sculls that you may take out to enjoy the sport and the river. WRPC also has a crew, usually referred to as the “Masters’ Rowing Program.” The Masters’ Rowing Program has 8 place, 4 place, 2 place, and single racing shells. Since these boats are light and fast, they are fragile and expensive, and you need to participate in the Masters’ Rowing Program to use them.


Our Masters Rowing Program & Single Shell Sculling Program is entirely volunteer supported. We do not employ a coach at this time. We rely on dedicated volunteers to take the time to coach and train each new rower.


If you are interested in learning to row or joining the Masters Program scroll down to the next page.

Given the time commitment it takes volunteers to invest in onboarding new rowers we ask that you purchase a membership prior to requesting a practice. We have some of the most affordable rates in the country and our free volunteer coaching program is an amazing oppurtuntiy that very few row clubs offer.



As you read above Rowing is an incredible activity. Rowing combines a full-body fitness sport with a recreational activity, that being said.. rowing takes a bit of tenacity to learn at first but the pay off is well worth it.


The club currently offers volunteer based sculling and crew practices check out which one or both is right for you:

Learn to row days – WRPC Masters’ Rowing Program holds “learn to row days” during which anyone can come down and learn about rowing. Depending upon the weather, number of participants, and experience levels, you may be taught the basics of rowing on a stationary rowing machine (“ergometer”), or may be taken out on the river. Please check out the calendar or events page for one of these practices and register for the event.


Single sculling – WRPC provides volunteer based coaching sessions, designed to teach you the basics of rowing, and how to get a single scull onto the river, how to row and steer, and how to dock and exit the river – safely. You can try a free sculling course before purchasing a membership for the club. Additional training sessions can be negotiated with your coach.​ Please click the schedule practice button below to set up a time for your single sculling session. 

Before any of these sessions please watch the rowing basics video below by selecting the pre-practice button below:

Learn to Row Anc

Advanced Rowing

People with prior rowing experience who are unsure if they are ready to pay the additional fees to join the Masters’ Rowing Program may sign up for the next available advanced rowing practice below where one of the Masters’ Rowers will take you out in a double scull, provide coaching and assess if you are ready to join the Crew.

Advnced Row Anchor
Advanced Rowing 10/31
Oct 31, 2021, 8:30 AM
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