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One of the perks of belonging to the Wenatchee Row & Paddle Club is being able to store your own boat in the barn or annex.  Because space is limited, you must apply for a space if you are new to the club or if you’re an existing member who acquires a boat that you would like to store.  Only current members with a signed waiver may store boats in the club facilities.


WRPC is not responsible for damage to any private boats.  We do, however, place boats in slips that are appropriate to that style boat to the best of our ability.  Some members leave personal items in their boat – for example, life vests, paddles, etc.  We suggest that you clearly label these items with your name as we cannot guarantee their safety.

In the case of non-payment of boat storage fees or membership fees, your boat may be moved after 30 days or removed altogether.

It is possible that there could be a waiting list for slips, in which case you may not get a slip immediately when you request it. 

Slips in the main level and lower level of the barn are considered highly desirable and are available only for frequent users.  These members must sign out at least 24 times in a year. (November 1- October 31) In the cases where the member does not reach this goal, they will be assigned a slip in the annex or the attic of the barn. 

Another Amazing Benefit of WRPC Membership!



The Barn

Our original campus. A historic building with a wonderful history. The place WRPC calls home!

The Annex

Our newest campus! Great for storing larger watercraft, rowing shells, canoes, and kayaks!

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