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Wenatchee Row & Paddle Club 

Club Policies Updated 01/24/2022


The Wenatchee Row & Paddle Club Board is guided in making these policies by the mission of WRPC to "provide access to the river ... using human powered watercraft." Our policies are intended to provide as many storage spaces and boats as we can to as many people as we can to achieve this mission. This policy statement may be changed at any meeting of the Board of Directors by a majority vote of the total membership of the Board.

General Policies

1. Club Membership. Club Membership is provided to all dues paying individuals and families on a calendar year basis, as well as to honorary lifetime members who are referred to as "Knights of the Rack". All members must sign an annual waiver of liability. Membership includes use of club equipment at club facilities and eligibility to participate in club events. Upon qualifying as a member, individuals and families may participate in the masters rowing program and/or store boats at club facilities, subject to additional participation and storage fees.Members of the same household, whether married or not, may apply and pay for separate individual memberships in order to be assigned separate storage slips; subject to availability of storage spaces.

2. Member Definition. A club member is the person named on the individual member application or renewal form or the persons named on the family membership or renewal form, provided to WRPC with payment of fees and a signed liability waiver.

A family membership is limited to two adults plus their dependents as claimed on their federal income tax forms. Family membership accounts must list on the membership form all the names of the family

3. Temporary Memberships. Temporary memberships may be allowed on a one- time basis for individuals who are temporarily in the area. An initial joining fee will not be required. The fee for temporary membership will be $75 and length of membership shall not exceed three months.

4. Student Memberships. This provision is intended to encourage participation by college students living locally. A student membership may be allowed for up to two calendar years for payment of $75 each year and photocopy of current student ID.

5. Dues. Dues for membership in the Club are $100 per year for Individual membership and $150 per year for Family membership. New memberships pay an initial joining fee of $100 in addition to the annual fee. The membership and boat storage year runs from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31. Dues statements go out in December. Dues are reduced after September 1 to one-half of the normal amount; provided, that reduced fees are only available for new club members.

6. Lapsed Memberships. Memberships which lapse for more than three years will be required to pay the initial joining fee in addition to the annual fee.

7. Rowing Dues. Rowing dues are payable prior to participating in sweep rowing programs. Rowing dues are $150 per participant; provided, first time rowers (novices) shall only be responsible for payment of a $50 participation fee. Guests shall be subject to the Guest Policy below and may be charged event-specific participation fees. Rowing dues are reduced after September 1 of each year to one-half of the normal amount; provided, that reduced fees are only available for new club members.

8. Failure to Pay Dues. Failure of payment of dues for a membership by April 15 of the new calendar year shall result in lapse of the membership which shall mean that the members in that membership shall be taken off the mailing list and lose all rights of membership. If a membership lapses, however, membership shall be reinstated without re-payment of the initial membership fee if, within three years from the end of the last calendar year for which membership was last paid, the annual membership fee is again paid. It is not intended by this statement that all of the membership fees unpaid during the lapse be caught up to reinstate - only the fees for the current year.

9. Application of Payments to Dues and Fees. Any money paid applies first to membership and secondly to boat storage if the membership is associated with a boat storage space.

10. Refund Policy. All dues and storage fees paid by club members are nonrefundable.

11. Boathouse Access. Club facilities may be accessed by members 365 days a year during the operating hours of Walla Walla Point Park. WRPC facilities are secured by locks using a four digit passcode. The passcode is updated each year and shall not be disseminated by club members to non-club members. Disseminating the club passcode to non-club members is grounds for dismissal from the club.


2. Member Definition:


A club member is the person named on the individual member application or renewal form or the persons named on the family membership or renewal form, provided to WRPC with payment of fees and a signed liability waiver.


A family membership is limited to two adults plus their dependents as claimed on their federal income tax forms. Family membership accounts must list on the membership form all the names of the family.

3. Guest Policy:

12. Guest Policy. Club members may invite non-members to join them as a guest when using club facilities and equipment. Guests shall be accompanied by a member and shall sign a waiver on each occasion, prior to use of club equipment or facilities. The waiver form is available in the Lindston Barn and the Boathouse Annex as well as on our website. Guests may use club facilities and equipment without payment on three occasions. Thereafter, guests are required to join the club or pay a day use fee of $20. Grandchildren accompanied by their grandparents are not subject to the three-occasion rule provided they are under 18 years old. This guest policy does not apply to visitors and their accompanying club member who are only using equipment owned by a club member.

13. Boat Usage. Sign Outs. All members using club or personal equipment are required to sign out and sign in using the club logbook located in the Lindston Barn or the Boathouse Annex. For safety purposes, the club log tracks whether members have returned boats to the designated club facility. The club log also records boat use for purposes of prioritizing future club equipment purchases and determining assignments of boat slips for storage. Assignment to a slip in the Barn depends on membership activity and the Lindston Barn Storage rules. Assignment to a slip in the Annex in the future may depend on membership activity subject to demand for storage in the annex. Sign outs will be tallied on the basis of 12 month periods from 11/1 to 10/31 (Boat Usage Year).

14. Membership Activity. Sign Outs. The membership sign-outs shall be tracked by the Club. To qualify for a slip in the barn or to qualify to remain in the Barn a membership must have at least 24 legal sign outs per calendar year. A legal sign out consists of removing a boat from the building for the purpose of paddling or rowing. A maximum of two sign-outs per day will be tallied towards a member's annual total. No retroactive sign-outs will be counted. Please print legibly and identify yourself clearly. If your name is not readable, it can't be counted. Participation by a member in a club activity such as work parties, Youth on Columbia or Crew practice or regattas involving multi-person boats or safety boats or launches shall qualify as a legal sign out. Likewise, attendance by a Board member at a Board meeting shall qualify as a legal sign out. This participation may be recognized on a log or otherwise after the fact as an exception to the normal rule.


15. Storage - Usage. Only members of the Club may store a boat in Club facilities.

Rules about assignment of a storage slip and usage requirements to maintain the assignment within the Lindston Barn ("the Barn") are contained in a separate policy statement, the "Lindston Barn Storage Policy," below. Boats not assigned to storage in the Barn shall be stored in the Club Annex.

The fee shall be $85 per year for each boat stored in the Annex or the Barn. Oversize boats requiring more than one slip space will be charged a higher fee. Boat storage fees for new space assignments made after September 1 will be reduced by 50% for the remainder of the year. A membership shall be assigned to no more than one slip in the Barn and oneslip in the Annex. A membership may be assigned to store no more than three boats in the Annex and Barn all together. Storage of more than one boat in any given slip in the
annex shall be subject to review by the Storage Manager or Committee based upon
concerns that there be sufficient room to accommodate the boats in question without
harm to people or other boats. The slip manager can make discretionary decisions regarding boat placement
requiring special consideration. Any changes of slip placement will require boat slip
manager approval.


16. Facilities Committee. A Committee is designated by the Board of Directors to make decisions within the discretion provided by the policies. Regarding a slip assignment, a request should be sent to with the subject "Slip Assignment Request".


17. Failure to Pay Storage Fees. If a membership which has a boat space fails to timely pay storage fees, he/she shall be sent by certified mail one reminder notice entitled "Notice of Forfeiture of Space" to the last address provided to the Club. The reminder notice will state, among other things, the amount owed plus a $10 late fee and that if the defaulting person does not make full payment of the amount owed, including the late fee, by 15 days from the date of the notice, his/her space assignment will be automatically forfeited. If the default is not cured in full by the time specified in the Notice of Forfeiture of Space, the boat of the defaulting person membership will be removed by the Club from the slip it has occupied and the next person qualified for that space will be assigned to occupy the space forfeited.


18. Removal. After a boat has been removed by the Club from its slip because of nonpayment, the Club will store the boat in question and give the owner notice to recover the boat and advise how to do so. If the owner fails to recover the boat within thirty days of the date of the notice to recover, the Club shall have a lien against the boat for all costs incurred by the Club for removal and storage (which it is agreed will be twice the normal amount of space rent) plus any costs of sale. The boat may then be sold and this lien may be foreclosed according to the procedure set out in Chapter 60.10 RCW Personal Property Liens - Summary Foreclosure.


19. Where Boats May Be Used. Club boats shall not be transported away from the immediate vicinity of the boathouse, i.e. they shall not be carried by vehicle to some other location, without the prior written approval of the Board. Club boats may be paddled/rowed to any place attainable from the boathouse but may only be used in other waters with prior approval of the Board for use in club sponsored regattas, for example.


20. Damage to Club Equipment. If a club boat is damaged, the person responsible shall pay for one-half of either the repair or replacement cost, whichever is less. Students receiving instruction from one of the designated rowing/paddling instructors are exempt. If a member fails to pay or otherwise violates club policies, he or she will receive a warning and will come under discussion by the Board for exclusion from the Club.


21. Club Grievance Procedure. In the event a club member is aggrieved by a policy or procedure of WRPC or by a member of WRPC, such grievance or concern shall be set forth in writing addressed by the Board of Directors of WRPC, P.O. Box 3925, Wenatchee WA 98807-3925. The Board shall address any such grievances at the Board meeting immediately following receipt and shall notify the aggrieved party by e-mail of any action taken. All decisions by the Board are final. 

Lindston Boat Barn Storage Policy:

The "Lindston Barn" is the small old boathouse located by the pathway to the dock. Storage there is quite limited and highly valued so that a special policy statement is made as to whom may be assigned to space in the Barn. (All subject to available space.)


The following is the order of priority for a space in the barn (subject to the rules applicable to all Lindston Barn Placements):

1. Disability. A member who has a severe, permanent disability. Requests to be included in this group can be made by the individual or their proxy at a regularly scheduled WRPC meeting for board/officer approval. The special ongoing needs of a member in this category may be addressed at any regularly scheduled WRPC meeting of the Board.

2. "Knights of the Rack." This category is intended to include individuals who have given exceptional service to the Club. WRPC will be very stingy with these appointments; perhaps making one appointment per decade. Benefits of being a Knight of the Rack shall include a family membership and one slip to be assigned and used subject to club policy.

3. Club Boats. WRPC boats may be stored in the Lindston Barn for ease of use by members. Retired and/or underutilized Club boats will be stored in the Annex.

4. Current President of WRPC. There will be one space in the Lindston Barn designated for use by the Club president during the term of his/her presidency.

5. Members who are 70 or Older. Up to eight spaces are available for priority use by members who are 70 or older on a first come first serve basis.

6. Frequent Users. A frequent user is a member with at least 24 legal sign outs per year for the year prior to the year in which application is made for placement in the Barn. A frequent user may apply for placement in the Barn by putting his/her name on the waiting list kept by the Facilities Committee. Placement in the Barn shall be offered to the person (or membership) membership next on the waiting list. The list shall be kept on the basis of first in time; first in right. If a person to whom a space in the Barn is offered declines to take that space, he/she shall be bumped off the list but may ask to be placed back on the list in which case he/she shall be placed on the list as the most recent applicant.


Rules Applicable To All Lindston Barn Placements


A. To qualify for space in the Lindston Barn, a "frequent user" or "member who is 70 or older" must have at least three years of accumulated WRPC membership and be current in payment of fees.


B. To retain the right to a space in the barn, the member must continue to have at least 24 legal sign-outs during each boat usage year.


C. A membership, whether a family or an individual, shall be eligible for only one space in the Barn. Effective 1/1/20 such space is limited to one boat.


Insurance and Liability:

The club provides liability insurance with respect to nonmembers, but not insurance for damage to the boats. All members agree that the activities associated with the club are hazardous and may result in injury or death. As a condition of being allowed to join the club, Each member, for him/herself, his/her heirs and assigns, assumes all risk to person and property and waives and releases any right to bring a legal claim for injury or damages and further agrees not to bring any such claim and to hold the club, the city of Wenatchee and Chelan county PUD harmless from any cause of action that may result from participation in club activities or use of club property. This assumption, release and waiver apply to the club, its officers, directors, and members, the City of Wenatchee and PUD #1 of Chelan County regardless of their negligence.

Member liability for damage to club property. If a club boat is damaged, the person responsible shall pay for one-half of either the repair or replacement cost, whichever is less. Students receiving instruction from one of the designated rowing/paddling instructors are exempt. If a member fails to pay or otherwise violates club policy, he or she will receive a warning and will come under discussion by the board for exclusion from the club.

Liability Waiver Policys: 

To participate in any capacity in club activities as a Member or a Guest you must sign a release of liability waiver which can be found here: E-Liability Waiver


Below is for our Release of Liability Waiver Agreement that has been updated effective (12/02/22)

In consideration of being allowed to participate in any way in this sports activity, related events and activities, the undersigned acknowledges, appreciates, and agrees that: The risk of injury or illness from the activities involved in this sport is significant, including the potential for permanent paralysis and death; and while particular rules, equipment, and personal discipline may reduce this risk, the risk of serious injury or illness does exist; and, I knowingly and freely assume all such risks, both known and unknown, Even if arising from the negligence of the releasee's or others and assume full responsibility for my participation; and, I willingly agree to comply with the stated and customary terms and conditions for participation. If I observe any unusual or significant hazard during my presence or participation, I will remove myself from participation and bring such hazard to the attention of the nearest official immediately; and, I, for myself and on behalf of my heirs, assigns, personal representatives and next of kin, hereby release and hold harmless:


PaddleSport Risk Management, LLC; Wenatchee Row and Paddle Club;

their officers & directors, officials, agents, and/or employees, other participants, sponsoring agencies, commissions, sponsors, advertisers, volunteers, coaches, steerers, and, if applicable, owners and lessors of premises used to conduct club activities or special events (“Releasee's”), with respect to any and all injury, disability, death, or loss or damage to person or property, Whether arising from the negligence of the releasee's or otherwise. I also acknowledge that photographs and video may be taken of me in my participation in, and attendance at this event, and hereby freely agree to allow without restriction all uses of such photos and videos in the reporting of this club activity or race, and/or in the promotion of the club, its location, other sporting events, sport in general, and/or related purposes.


I have read this release of liability and assumption of risk agreement, fully understand its terms, understand that I have given up substantial rights by signing it, and sign it freely and voluntarily without any inducement. I certify I am 18 years of age or older upon submission of any Liability Waiver or have had my Legal Authorized Signor complete the form.

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