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SafeSport Reporting

Wenatchee Row and Paddle Club, as organizational members of USRowing subscribes to and supports the following mission statement by the USRowing organization:


“USRowing's mission is to champion participation and the passionate pursuit of excellence in the sport of rowing. The organization seeks to achieve these goals with a commitment to integrity, teamwork, and -- above all -- safety.


The U.S. Congress designated the U.S. Center for SafeSport with the authority to respond to reports of sexual misconduct within the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Movement by passing the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act of 2017. This legislation designates the U.S. Center for SafeSport to serve as the independent national safe sport organization. 


USRowing's Safe Sport program is designed to assure athlete safety by promoting and enforcing policies and programs that address: bullying, hazing, harassment (including sexual harassment), emotional misconduct, physical misconduct and sexual misconduct (including child sexual abuse and/or grooming behaviors).


All USRowing Member Organizations are required to have their own athlete safety program. While the primary focus is to safeguard children, these policies extend to all age groups including masters and college level. 


As a condition of membership, USRowing Member Organizations must accept the jurisdictional role of the U.S. Center for SafeSport to investigate and adjudicate any issues of sexual misconduct within their organization.


Safe Sport violations for behaviors other than sexual misconduct should be investigated and handled within each member organization following its internal policies and procedures. After exhausting all remedies afforded by the member organization's policy, issues of misconduct may be brought to USRowing.”


In order to align ourselves with these goals, Wenatchee Row and Paddle Club’s rowing program has chosen to adopt the Safesport model, their rules and reporting mechanisms.  For a complete review of the SafeSport program, and to help answer members’ inquiries as to whether an incident might constitute a violation by clicking the safesport policy button below.

If you wish to report an incident, you may also download a reporting form, which can then be submitted to the administrators of WRPC Crew, or one of the board Members of Wenatchee Row and Paddle Club.   This may be done anonymously, if desired.  The reporting form may be accessed by pressing the button below and downloading the form followed by submitting the form by selecting the report button and uploading your PDF.

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