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The Wenatchee Row and Paddle Club is proud to support a Masters Crew Program.  This is a group of experienced rowers who train and compete, yearly, in regional USRowing Federation sponsored rowing regattas.


It is assumed, of course, that those who join crew are interested in racing.  There are no required races.  However, it is expected that if you are training with a team for an event, that you will compete with them. If one person trains, but then decides not to compete, it affects their crew mates.


The money side of things:


Crew members need to have an active WRPC membership and have signed a waiver.  (This is important, so that individuals are covered by the club insurance both locally, but also at regattas.)


Additional expenses:


A) You must also purchase a Masters Crew membership ( currently $250/year, subject to change each year).  These dues help us cover our basic maintenance costs for the boats and equipment and also pay our yearly club organizational membership with USRowing.  We run a very tight budget.  Our program is the least expensive of any in the region.


B) Individual USRowing membership:  (the cheapest $5/ Championship $65.) As part of that membership, each rower is required to complete a yearly video training called SafeSport, focused on preventing sexual abuse.


C) Regattas: the entry fees are paid by each racer, based on the number and type of events they choose to race.  


D) Lodging, transportation, food are covered by each individual.


E) Race uniforms: shirt and shorts, with team logos.  Each member purchases their own kit.  We don’t change them frequently, so your uniform will get you through several years.


F) Other equipment:  Because we are an all volunteer/non-profit and have times when we need to buy new, big equipment, we then also ask crew members to contribute when they can, and/or help us raise money from local organizations to make new, capital purchases (boats/oars, etc).



The participation side:


If you decide row with us, we are thrilled to have you!  We do request the following:


Attend as many practices as you can!  It’s a team sport that requires development not only of your skills, but your crew’s ability to work as a big multi-limbed, unified creature.  If you aren’t there, we miss you and your boat doesn’t get better.


We understand that all of our lives are very busy, and it’s not always possible to be there.  There will be a sign up list on the website for each practice.  Sign in should be by 8pm the night before each practice.  If you have to cancel, let the coaches know as soon as possible via text to the coaches and by canceling on the website.


If you’re going to be gone for a while, also, give us a heads up, so we can plan practices accordingly.


Our tentative race schedule for 2023 is as follows:


Weekend of April 22, 2023 - Lake Stevens Regatta: (Lake Stevens)

June 10, 2023 - Guano Rocks: (Lincoln Rock State Park, Wenatchee-ish)

Aug. 5, 2023 - Green Lake Sprint Extravaganza: (Seattle, Green Lake)

Oct. 01, 2023 - Tail of the Lake: (Seattle, Lake Union)

Oct. 20-22, 2023 - Head of the Charles (Boston)

Nov. 5, 2023Head of the Lake:  (Seattle, Lakes Union/Washington)


Behavioral expectations:  Please get along! This activity is about competition, intensity, working hard, and most importantly, about accomplishing things together in a positive way.  


Expression of grievances: In general, we ask crew members to be respectful of each other. People have disagreements.  If you have a disagreement with another individual, please discuss it between yourselves, and/or with the coaches, but preferably in a calm, thoughtful manner, and not in the boat.


Discussions about interpersonal issues may be had before or after going out on the water.  Disagreements should be settled constructively.  Disrespectful behavior such as abusive language or actions will not be tolerated.


Missing practices:  If you are routinely signing up for, but then not making practices, or frequently cancelling at the last moment, the coaches will issue a first time warning, after which, if the behavior continues, you will be cut.


Behavioral infractions:  As above.  Bad behavior will be addressed by the coaching staff.

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